The allergy and specific immunotherapy specialist

Allergopharma is an internationally operating pharmaceutical company specialized in research, production and distribution of preparations for in vivo diagnosis and treatment - specific immunotherapy (SIT) - of type 1 allergies.

Allergies caused by grass pollen, tree pollen (e.g. birch pollen), house dust mite allergens or mould spores are now among the most prevalent of all diseases and affect 20-35% of people worldwide. Subcutaneous specific immunotherapy (SCIT) is widely accepted as the only causal treatment for allergies that can prevent the allergic march to asthma and new allergies/ sensitizations (long-term efficacy). more

Allergopharma invests € 40 million in production facility

The German pharmaceutical, chemical and life science company Merck broke ground today on a new production facility for its Allergopharma unit in Reinbek ... more

World Meeting of Allergists in Milan: A Global Health Challenge

The "European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology" (EAACI) held its annual Congress this time together with ... more


"Allergy Living and Learning" - an European Initiative

The Allergy Living and Learning initiative was performed in 10 European countries by means of a specific questionnaire to investigate patients' ... more

New publication on subcutaneous immunotherapy

New publication on subcutaneous immuno-therapy (SCIT) by Dominicus et al. published in European Annals of Allergy ... more

Cooperations, Sponsorships &

Allergopharma continuously contributes largely to the promotion of the sciences in Europe in the areas allergology and immunology. The range of support reaches from memberships in organizations and institutions over project cooperations to significant financial engagements.