6. FASIT Workshop 2017 in Hamburg

The 6th international FASIT Workshop (Future of the Allergists and Specific  Immunotherapy) was held in Hamburg on 24th/25th February 2017. Traditionally, every second year Allergopharma invites the stakeholders and opinion leaders in allergen immunotherapy (AIT): physicians, scientists and allergy specialists from authorities to provide a forum for discussions about the hottest topics covering science, quality and regulatory issues, patient care and markets. FASIT is focused on the future of AIT and the specialty of allergy worldwide.

30 allergy experts from 11 European countries and Canada were invited at this year’s workshop. On the first day the meeting was dealing with new promising perspectives in AIT including biomarkers, adjuvants, vaccination models, preventive AIT as early intervention, precision medicine with asthma phenotyping and endotyping. In a panel discussion it was looked for explanations why new molecules for specific immunotherapy like recombinants or peptides have shown promising phase II trials but failed in pivotal phase III trials. 

On the second day the focus was on regulatory aspects and harmonization of guidelines and legislation: treatment of polyallergic patients, pediatric investigational plans and environmental exposure chambers were discussed. The final roundtable discussion (including regulatory representatives from EMA, Germany and Spain) dealt with the danger of probably losing in vivo diagnostics (skin prick tests and provocation tests) due to increased requirements in quality and regulatory standards. One take home message from this panel was that the regulators are as strongly interested in keeping in vivo diagnostics on the market as we are.

Once again, the FASIT Workshop was very interesting and interactive and finally a great success with regard to the recognition of Allergopharma within the allergy key opinion leader community. 




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