7. FASIT Workshop 2019 in Hamburg

Allergopharma traditionally invites leading experts (physicians and scientists from various healthcare facilities) in the field of allergen specific immunotherapy (AIT) every second-year to provide a forum for discussions about current topics covering clinic, science, drug approval, and patient care. The FASIT focuses on the worldwide future of AIT and allergology.

26 allergy experts from 10 European countries, the US and Canada were invited to this year's workshop. At the beginning of the event the new CEO of Allergopharma, Philipp Maerz, briefly outlined the current challenges in AIT: "In many European countries, the AIT market is declining, and the regulatory and reimbursement requirements vary greatly across countries; for many years there have been no innovative new registrations". Afterwards, the participants discussed promising perspectives in AIT, such as the use of biomarkers or the question of meaningful clinical endpoints in allergological studies. In addition, there was a panel discussion, which dealt with future approaches such as new molecules, adjuvants or new forms of application.

Furthermore, regulatory issues were examined. Following a review on the state of the Therapeutic Allergy Ordinance in Germany, endpoints in rhinitis studies and the placebo effect were discussed. Subsequently, the experts addressed the question of the use of allergen exposure chambers in clinical registration studies. Particularly revealing was the juxtaposition of the American and European authority perspective with lively discussion. Finally, the participants developed and discussed different study designs for so-called hybrid studies, a combination of studies in exposure chambers and field studies.

Allergopharma is pleased to have made another important contribution to strengthening allergy and allergy physicians.

The results and discussion content of this year’s FASIT Workshop will be published in a medical journal. In addition, Allergopharma will present some highlights in the company symposium at the „European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology“ (EAACI)-Congress in Lisbon at the beginning of June 2019.