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Mobile Chamber Experts GmbH (MCX) has launched the first mobile chamber in Europe for clinical testing of allergic patients


Berlin, February 3, 2015 - Mobile Chamber Experts GmbH (MCX) – a provider of mobile chambers for clinical testing of allergic patients – has launched the first mobile chamber in Europe. The event took place at the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, where the mobile chamber is currently being validated by the Global Asthma and Allergy European Network (GA2LEN) and the Allergy-Centrum-Charité led by Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Torsten Zuberbier. GA2LEN is a Network of Excellence of the leading European clinical and research facilities in the field of allergology and asthma. Supporters are leading companies in allergen immunotherapy Allergopharma, LETI and Stallergenes S.A.

Prof. Dr.  Zuberbier says, “The mobile chamber is a true innovation for testing pharmaceuticals on allergic patients. The controlled environment is an effective alternative to field trials with unknown individual exposure levels. The chamber ensures allergen exposure is possible during the entire year, generating reliable data, and the mobility of the chamber makes it easy to recruit patients in a multi-center design throughout Europe”.

The mobile chamber, called the GA2LEN chamber, is a simulator for exposing allergic patients to the substances they will react to, e.g. grass pollen, tree pollen, house dust mites, etc. The intention is to use the chamber for clinical testing of pharmaceutical drugs. Instead of exposing patients to natural presence of allergens during the allergy season, the use of the chamber is a convenient and effective means of generating valid data, as it is used all the year around – irrespective of the allergy season.

According to Steen Thaarup, Managing Director of MCX, “The GA2LEN chamber is a huge step forward for patients, public authorities and pharmaceutical companies. The mobility of the chamber makes it convenient for patients to take part in clinical testing, since the chamber will come to them – not the reverse. The regulatory bodies welcome this initiative to ensure that allergy pharmaceuticals are tested with the certainty of exposing the patients to the allergens they do not tolerate. In addition, the pharmaceutical companies will be able to generate clinical data faster with better validity”.

Next step is a campaign aimed at the pharmaceutical companies, which are the potential users of the mobile chamber for testing of their drugs. The mobile chamber is managed by an international team of highly qualified specialists, who developed the technology, so that customers just have to book the chamber with a specific allergen at a specific location, where a clinical team will have recruited patients to test the drugs.

The pharmaceutical industry has already shown much interest in the concept, since the combination of the mobility of the chamber and the certainty of allergen exposure is an effective way of generating clinical data.


Possible captions:

 - Prof. Dr. Zuberbier (behind to the left), the General Secretary of GA2LEN, inaugurated the chamber together with the CEOs of the three associated partners Federico Grego (LETI), Christian Chavy (Stallergenes) and Dr. Marco Linari (Allergopharma) (left to right).

- Allergic patient in the mobile chamber monitoring his symptoms with a peak flow meter after allergen exposure.

- The first European mobile chamber for clinical testing of allergic patients.

(Peak Flow Meter)


About Mobile Chamber Experts (MCX)

MCX is a provider of innovative mobile chambers to the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organizations (CROs) and research groups, which want to test products in allergic patients.

MCX was founded by GA2LEN with the support of three biopharmaceutical companies involved in allergy, Allergopharma, Leti and Stallergenes.

MCX has its head office in Berlin, and operates all over Europe.

For more information, please refer to and to Steen Thaarup, Managing Director,  or mobile phone +45 4077 8695.


About GA2LEN

GA²LEN is a Network of Excellence of the leading European clinical and research facilities in the field of allergology and asthma, associated with the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) and the organisation representing European patients with allergies and asthma (EFA). Started under the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme for Research, GA²LEN has become a model project in Europe. GA²LEN addresses the growing public health concern of allergic diseases.

Additional information is available at


About Allergopharma

Allergopharma was founded in 1969 by Hermal and Joachim Ganzer in Reinbek near Hamburg. Today the company has more than 480 employees, including 60 in research.

Allergopharma was fully integrated into Merck as the Allergy business unit in 2013. By leveraging its expertise as a global company, Merck aims to expand its Allergy business unit internationally, strengthen it in Europe as well as develop new products, and intends to invest significantly in this market segment.

The Allergopharma success story is based primarily on hypoallergenic, high-dose products (allergoids) that can be used either preseasonally or perennially. Major benefits of subcutaneous specific immunotherapy (SCIT) that Allergopharma mainly offers are a close patient-doctor relationship, good patient compliance, good efficacy and a favorable cost-benefit ratio. Allergopharma is the global market leader in this field.

Allergen-specific immunotherapy (SIT), also known as hyposensitization or desensitization, allergy vaccination, is largely recognized as the only causal treatment for allergies to unavoidable allergens.

Demanding and living up to the highest of quality standards and committed to ongoing allergy product improvement, Allergopharma has developed from a pharmaceutical company into an international leader in SIT research.

As a leader in innovative recombinant (“bio-engineered”) allergens, Allergopharma is also ready for the future.

More information is available at


About LETI

LETI is a research-focused, independent, and family owned, biopharmaceutical company. Its headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain and the production plant and allergy research laboratory are located in Tres Cantos (Madrid), Spain. It has subsidiaries in Germany and Portugal and exclusive distributors in several countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Since 2013, LETI is also present in the USA. LETI has more than 370 employees.

Research and specialisation are critical elements in the strategy of LETI. LETI dedicates around 20% of its turnover to research and product development.

 LETI’s strategy is based on innovation, quality and service in specialised market segments. LETI started its activities in the field of allergy in 1941, being one of the first companies in Europe to produce allergen immunotherapy. In this field, LETI is specialized in the etiological diagnosis and treatment of the allergy disease. Since then, LETI has become a leading  and reference company in the field of allergology and allergen immunotherapy.

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STALLERGENES is a global healthcare company specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.  For more than 50 years, it has been expanding the existing frontiers of science in order to provide allergy patients with more effective long-lasting therapeutic options.  Thanks to its innovation strategy, fuelled by investments amounting to around 20% of total annual revenues as well as external partnerships, STALLERGENES is able to provide targeted allergen immunotherapy-based allergy solutions that significantly improve the lives of allergy patients around the world.

STALLERGENES operates in 21 countries and employs over 1,000 people.  In 2013, the Company generated total revenues of €248 million, and more than 500,000 patients were treated with STALLERGENES products.

Additional information is available at

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