Allergopharma presents its New Corporate Branding at the EAACI Congress 2018 in Munich

Reinbek - Allergopharma, the allergy business of Merck, is presenting its new brand identity. For 50 years, the allergy experts have been a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with allergies. The Allergopharma GmbH & Co. KG is recognized worldwide for its contribution to the research and development of new therapies. The company has focused on these strong values and translated them into the brand promise "Allergies in the best hands". "We are passionate about ensuring that people, despite allergies, can enjoy a fulfilling life. Our solutions provide the foundation for effective treatment strategies and provide physicians with therapies tailored to patient needs – for more  freedom in life," explains  Marco Linari, CEO of Allergopharma. This individual freedom is also visually expressed with the unique design solution of the new branding. Linari continues: "In everything we do, we consistently pursue a major goal, which we can pin down with our new vision: to cure allergies."

New logo, new look

The new Allergopharma logo presents itself as a compact, independent, fresh word-image brand. The communication is also reflected in the new design: "The creative idea revolves around the idea of what we want to make possible for people: more freedom in life. We want to help people with our immunotherapy products to enjoy a fulfilling life despite their allergies," says Philipp Maerz, Chief Operating Officer of Allergopharma. Circles as a basic visual element, run through the entire look and symbolize "more freedom". The branding reflects the new attitude: more colorful, more emotional, more human, warmer and more patient-centered. "The development of Allergopharma's new corporate identity is not a 'revolution' but an 'evolution': a gradual, credible and comprehensible change that gives the existing brand character a fresh, distinctive and unique profile," Maerz sums up. The new brand identity had its premiere at the congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), which took place from May 26 to 30, 2018 in Munich.

The development of Allergopharma's new brand was strategically accompanied and creatively implemented by the Frankfurt-based agency PINK CARROTS Communications.