Responsible Action during the Coronvirus Crisis

Since the coronavirus crisis began, the Allergopharma GmbH & Co. KG took consequent measures at its sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and China that contribute to contain the COVID 19 pandemic.

Our measures fall under two premises:  Protection of our employees and securing the supply of our patients with their therapeutics.

The most important measures include:

  • All employees who can work from home already do that
  • We took comprehensive safety measures for all colleagues who are still working on the business premises in Reinbek, Germany
  • Our sales forces colleagues are available for our customers, doctors and pharmacists, via email and phone
  • You can reach our customer service as usual via phone no. +49 40 / 727 65-300 or email to:
  • You can reach our medical services team as usual via phone no. +49 40 / 727 65-104

We thank our employees for their dedication and responsible action.  We will manage this crisis together.

We would like to specially thank the medical staff and all other people who do marvelous things to uphold primary care during the COVID 19 pandemic.

*Picture source: "New visualization of the Covid-19 virus" by Fusion Medical Animation