Our Business

Allergies in best hands

To improve the lives of patients, we strive every day to alleviate the symptoms of allergies with great passion and all of our knowledge.

To actively shape the future, we must think about tomorrow, today. We want to give people with allergies better prospects in the long run, allowing them to be more carefree and enjoy more symptom-free moments in the future.

At Allergopharma, we put all of our energy into furthering allergology. We are the allergy experts within the Dermapharm Group, based in Germany with a global network. For over 50 years, we have been working closely with physicians and scientists, conducting research and developing solutions for the effective treatment of allergies. Our portfolio includes allergy diagnostics and therapeutics. Having spent many years expanding our expertise, scientific excellence and corporate responsibility, we do everything in our power to provide physicians with first class therapy options, and to enable allergy sufferers to lead lives unrestricted by symptoms. Each day, we strive to get one step closer to our great vision: To cure allergies.
For more freedom in life.

We believe that every allergy patient deserves a therapy that is closely tailored to his or her needs. Our comprehensive portfolio covers a significant range of treatments and enables physicians to provide their patients with targeted, personalized therapy. In addition to diagnostic solutions for skin prick and provocation tests, we supply high-quality preparations for allergen immunotherapy based on pollen and mites. Our portfolio also includes rare allergies, such as allergies to animal epithelia, or molds. Whatever the product: If it bears our name, it is not only based on the latest process technology, but also on our extensive knowledge – and the aspiration to improve the treatment of allergies in the long term. 

Knowledge is the most important prerequisite for creating something new. Since the beginning, we have been working tirelessly, expanding our allergy expertise through research and constantly improving the treatment of allergies.