Taking Responsibilities

Preserving environmental resources

At Allergopharma we know how allergies affect the lives of those suffering from the condition and we are aware of the unmet needs in managing the disease. We therefore want to contribute and take responsibility for improving the life of people living with allergies, also beyond providing effective causal therapies.

In all operations, Allergopharma acts responsible towards staff members and external stakeholders. We strictly follow legal regulations and work closely with regulatory authorities. As part of a leading chemicals company, we are cautious to save and preserve environmental resources.

Health political engagement

Access to causal treatment is not always easy, even in a market like Germany. Allergopharma is participating in a German initiative by seven medical associations in the field of allergy: Aktionsforum Allergie. Supported by the industry the aim is to inform politicians about and attract them to the topic of allergy treatment. Here we work with political stakeholders to shape the future health political environment in which allergy patients have access to causal therapy, a goal that is also strongly supported by health economists.

Disease awareness and education

We have strong relationships to key opinion leaders in the field of allergies and a long history of partnering with allergy specialists to provide optimal treatment options. Together with these stakeholders we work to establish integrated solutions for allergy patients. In addition, the patients themselves can play an important role in reducing the burden of allergies and asthma.

We see it as part of our mission to inform and educate patients on their condition and make them aware of its progressive nature. Only if they are well informed, they can decide for themselves: Do they want to live with their allergy symptoms for their whole life and risk a potentially dramatic worsening, or, do they wish to be treated against the cause of the disease? We therefore work on targeted information channels to raise the awareness among patients for the special challenges associated with the condition and causal allergy treatment options.


We see integrity as a key value of our culture and of our relation to stakeholders. In all our enterprises, we strictly follow legal regulations and work closely with regulatory authorities of the respective markets. We are compliant with European and national industry codices and do what is right.

A good place to work for

The success of Allergopharma is based on highly skilled and motivated employees together with a strong leadership, making our company an excellent place to work. Achievement, responsibility, courage, respect, transparency and integrity are the values we are living up to. For attracting and retaining talents from across the world, we offer modern work models and an attractive infrastructure to ensure a positive work-life-balance.

The environment

As part of one of the biggest specialty chemicals companies in the world, we know that our environment is an important good and do what is needed to preserve it. We are predominantly working with natural substances that are processed using technologies that save environmental resources.